The Agreement applies to all parties who have signed it, namely the individual (hereinafter referred to as “Client”, “Customer” or “Trader”) and the team providing services to create a trading account (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

The Client agrees to adhere to all terms and conditions of the website using mentioned below.

If the Client does not agree with at least one of the following terms and conditions, it is impossible to carry out activities on the Company's website.

Each Client verifies that they are of legal age (18 years or older) to create a trading account and conduct activities on the Website of the Company.

If it is found that the Client has concealed their real age and has not reached 18 years, the Company has the right to deactivate and liquidate the Client's account.


1.1. The Customer confirms that they have read the full text of the Agreement, including all prerequisites and additions, and understands their content.

1.2. The Customer has the right at any time to go to the Company's official Website, read and use all the data available there.

1.3. The Company may, at its discretion, promote the Customer's trading account, and change the type and level of plan only if all of the above actions are beneficial to the Customer.

1.4. The company has the right to change and supplement any information on the Site at its discretion.

1.5. All terms and conditions come into force from the moment of familiarization of the Client with them.

1.6. Any changes in terms and conditions of the Company shall be deemed accepted by the Customer and shall apply to them until they file a statement of disagreement or the Agreement’s termination.

1.7. The Customer agrees not to perform any actions with an external update system or run the simulated intelligent analysis with a robot on the Company's Platform.


2.1. The Company adheres to exceptionally high standards for combating money laundering and financial terrorism.

2.2. The Company regularly carries out complex measures on prevention and revealing attempts of money laundering and terrorism financing on them.

2.3. If the Company suspects that the transaction is connected with money laundering or committing criminal activity, it has the right to refuse its execution, regardless of the stage.

2.4. The process of account verification is mandatory for each Client according to AML and KYC policies, according to which the Company is obliged to obtain evidence of the identity of each Client. Without appropriate evidence, any type of cooperation is impossible.

2.5. AML policies prohibit the Company from making any transactions to third parties, including funds transfers.

2.6. The name of the holder of a bank card or account must coincide with the name of the trading account in the Company during the depositing or withdrawing funds process.

2.7. The Company’s policy allows for the creation of no more than one account under the Client’s name. Other accounts created mistakenly, do not accept payments.


3.1. The Company undertakes to protect and not to transfer to third parties any received information from the Trader, including personal data, completed transactions, trading account details in the Company, etc.

3.2. The Company undertakes to apply all necessary measures to ensure the security of the Trader's electronic financial transactions.

3.3. The Company guarantees full confidentiality of the Trader, who has signed the Agreement on account creation.


Under the KYC Policy, the Customer undertakes to:

a. Provide colour copies of all sides of the identification document – ID card, passport or driver's license.

b. Confirm their residential address by providing a colour scanned copy of any utility bill (Internet, electricity, etc.) or any other appropriate document with a valid date of at least three months.

c. Prove completion of payment (SWIFT, payment screenshot, online banking confirmation, etc.) by providing colour scanned copies/photos/screenshots.


4.1. According to the legislation, the Charter of the Company, and/or any division, it is strictly forbidden for individuals, legal entities, and citizens of a particular jurisdiction to use, copy or realize this information in any other illegal actions, which contradict the Company's policy.

4.2. No individual or legal entity in this jurisdiction has the right to appropriate any information published on the site, including information on services and property of the Company.

4.3. To prevent any infringement or disclosure of prohibited materials, the Client undertakes to comply with the Terms, Conditions, and all prescribed Site Settings when downloading, so as not to jeopardize the Company's rights.


5.1. As a result of causing any accidental, extraordinary, direct, indirect, or any kind of damage the Company does not bear any responsibility.

5.2. The company also isn't responsible for destructions caused by loss of commercial profit, currency incidents, governmental verdicts, instability in the financial markets with sharp fall of liquidity, and also for any other material damages resulting from the use of the service. This list also includes damages for improper use of the services.

5.3. If the Client has warned in advance about any kind of damage, including rejection, it doesn't affect the Company's decision and it doesn't bear responsibility.


6.1. All screens, pages, and any other materials published on the Website are owned exclusively by a Company.


This Agreement is made between www.gainful-markets.com (hereinafter referred to as “Company” under the trademark Gainful Markets), on the one hand, and the individual (hereinafter referred to as “Client”, “Customer” or “Trader”), on the other hand, who initiated the opening of a trading account on the Company's online platform and accepted the policy of this Company as a Client, according to the Terms and Conditions outlined in these provisions.


1.1. The present Agreement is made between the Company and the Client, and contains all legally enclosed documents.

1.2. Any changes in the Agreement are possible only on conditions stated on a trading platform of the Company concerning placement of orders and trades.

1.3. The Client is obliged to complete the verification before making trading transactions on the platform. The verification process is carried out by providing the Client with the necessary documents according to the Company's terms and conditions.

1.4. If the Client has not provided the necessary documents for verification, the Company has the right to order the closure of the Client's account.

1.5. The Company has the right to reject any Client's application for opening an account with or without verification.


2.1. To open a trading account on the Company's platform, the Client must follow the specific procedure:

a. Enter all requested data into the application form. The Company reserves the right to make a satisfactory or negative decision regarding the Customer's application.

b. After the Company confirms the opening of the account, the Client will be asked to deposit to the trading account.

2.2. After performing all of the above actions and receiving the transferred amount, the account will be activated.


3.1. The Client has the right to transfer funds by sending the available amount to the bank account specified by the Company, according to the purpose.

3.2. The Client may choose any of the offered payment methods of the Company – credit/debit card, bank transfer, and BTC transfer to deposit to the trading account. The deposit amount shall not be less than 200.

3.3. The Company reserves the right to change, supplement and expand the list of acceptable payment methods on the trading platform.


4.1. All funds deposited by the Trader will be available on the trading account after providing appropriate evidence to the Company, such as a receipt.

4.2. Within the first 14 days after the deposit, the Client has the right to dispose of funds, including their withdrawal. At the end of this period, the Company shall decide on the transfer of funds at its discretion. Withdrawal of funds from the account can be made only by its owner.

4.3. The company has the right to establish different payment methods for deposit and withdrawal of funds from the trading account of the Client.

4.4. The company warns that the credited sum can differ because of fluctuations in an exchange rate and the commissions of the payment systems themselves. It is admissible when the base currency of the trading account and the currency of the bank card differ.

4.5. Opening of the trading account means that the Client is familiar with and accepts the possible fluctuations of funds due to the exchange rate.

4.6. The Company adheres to the AML policy, according to which the transfers through a bank account can be accomplished only in cases when the bank account, that is available in the country of residence, is under the same name as the trading account holder's name.

4.7. The Client is obliged to provide an actual confirmation or a SWIFT receipt, which is weighty proof for the Company. In case of refusal to provide the receipt, the Company has the right not to credit or withdraw the specified amount.

4.8. Withdrawal of funds from the trading account of the client is possible only to the same account from which the deposit was made.

4.9. The company adheres to the policy of security and takes all necessary measures for the safe processing of all payments. All personal data of the client, including bank details are encrypted and strictly confidential.

4.10. If the leakage of data occurred due to the Client's fault, for example, due to a breach of security measures of the electronic device, the Company is not responsible for it.

4.11. The Company provides the following payment methods:

a. Credit/debit cards.

b. Bank transfer.

c. Wallet to Wallet.


5.1. The Company has the right to charge commissions on all operations performed by the Client based on pre-established agreements if any. All such commissions may be charged only from the Client's account. Due to frequent changes in bank commissions for more relevant and detailed information, please, contact the Support Service.

5.2. Commissions may be deducted from the Client's account as payment for services of the Company, which concludes transactions at prices (markups, discounts, and/or supply and demand ratio). Commissions are charged after the completion of the transaction, but it is not a mandatory rule. Withdrawal of commissions has additional requirements if the Company decides they are necessary. By creating a trading account, the Client agrees to the above conditions and is to be aware of possible daily changes depending on various factors (market conditions, changes in asset prices, market instruments, etc.).

5.3. As a general rule, the Company also provides transactional services at prices (bonus, discount, and/or offers/requests) for distribution. Commissions for these services shall be charged from the Client's account. The Company also reserves the right to request these commissions in other ways, under the conditions and in the period established by it.

5.4. The company charges an additional commission for processing transactions at the transfer of means to the Client.

5.5. Swap fee is applied only in cases when all active positions remain open after the end of the trading session. The company can collect them daily and regularly.

5.6. The company has the right to change the amount and percentage of the commission at its discretion, informing the Client already after making them.5.5. Swap fee is applied only in cases when all active positions remain open after the end of the trading session. The company can collect them daily and regularly.


6.1. The client agrees with all conditions of the bonus program and got acquainted with the bonus policy of the Company at registration as its participant or in case of consent to receive bonuses or other means from the Company.

6.2. Client's refusal to receive bonuses doesn't influence the process of cooperation with the Company.

6.3. In addition to the already listed forms of encouragement for the Clients, the Company may provide several special promotions and bonuses. The Company's choice can be based on different requests, including thematic areas. Clients have equal rights to receive promotions and bonuses. The Client undertakes the obligation to adhere to all the terms of use of the bonus offered by the Company. This rule is obligatory for the Client throughout the promotion or bonus.

6.4. For successful management of bonuses, the Client should have certain skills and knowledge in the trading sphere. Their absence can become the reason for non-receipt of profit from transactions, loss of bonus funds, and occurrence of new losses of the Client. At CFD trading such probability also exists.

6.5. The Client is forbidden to transfer or sell bonuses to third parties. All bonus funds and shares are offered to a particular Client and are credited to his/her account, so their transfer to another account is impossible.

6.6. The currency of bonuses and promotions is identical to the currency of the trading account of the Client.

6.7. The Company establishes an expiration date for all bonuses and promotions offered to the Client. The terms of bonuses apply to all such offers. The Company has the right to cancel any offer if the Client does not want to accept it. The Client has no right to make any changes in bonuses and promotions independently without prior approval of the Company.

6.8. If the Company suspects the abuse of bonuses and promotions by the Client, it has the right to cancel its accrual and close the trading account.

6.9. In order to withdraw funds from the Bonus Account, an application must be submitted. Its approval is possible in case of reaching the minimum trading volume (bonus amount *7 in lots), and if it is a replacement of the Client's funds to the amount.

6.10. The withdrawal of funds can be limited in case of repayment of credit obligations of the Client or under the turnover agreement.



CFD is commonly understood as derivative trading, whereby the trader is not the owner of the underlying asset but is only engaged in buying or selling CFD contracts based on future fluctuations in the price of the asset. In anticipation of an asset price increase, the trader buys CFDs and sells them when the price of the asset falls. The value of CFD is always reflected in the price of the underlying asset and follows it under all circumstances.

Traders should take into account the probability of sharp changes in the price of assets related to government policy, market situation, and macroeconomic processes. According to CFD, even minimal price fluctuations can have a great influence on the profit and loss levels of traders.

The compensation of a margin of the supplier is possible at the occurrence of unfavourable conditions for the cost of an underlying asset. The company has the right to close a position in advance if the Client breaks the margin requirements. Otherwise, the Client will have to close a position independently and with a loss of profit.


Market conditions have a great impact on various financial processes, which in turn is reflected in the price of assets. Such drastic changes in the price of financial instruments can increase the amount of losses. If there is insufficient trading on the underlying asset market, the Client's contract may become undervalued.

In such circumstances, the Client is obliged to pay an additional margin to the CFD provider or terminate the contract at an undervalued cost. The price of a CFD contract tends to constantly decrease in case of constant fluctuations in the financial market.

The price of the CFD contract is not constant due to the frequent structural changes in the financial market. Therefore, it may decrease to the price specified in the contract and according to which the transaction will finally close. The account holder should be aware that this results in sub-optimal returns or losses due to the fault of the CFD provider.


In order to avoid serious losses when trading CFDs, weigh the loss-to-reward ratio and use the trading platform tools. An order with a guaranteed Stop Loss implies the automatic closing of the contract at the price previously set.

Be aware that using these trading tools can result in illiquid assets and losses in CFD trading, even with a small investment and the right ratio to reward. It is better to analyze situations involving the use of borrowed funds before entering into a position.

Estimate the probability of losses and profits as a ratio of at least 1 to 3. But note that the first figure may be greater than initially assumed.


The terms of this Agreement provided mean that the Client fully accepts the terms and agrees to cooperate with Gainful Markets, and its employees, including its directors and officers. The Client shall also be fully liable for any type of losses, costs, or expenses incurred as a result of failure to comply with the signed Agreement or to comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction.

The Company has the right to deduct any amount from the Client's open account if the Client is financially responsible to employees, including directors and officers, for the reasons described in this Agreement.

If the Client continues to make subsequent payments to the Company's personal account on his/her consent and initiative, these actions are considered as confirmation of the high quality of the Company's services.

English is the language of communication between the Company and the Client. But according to the agreements between the parties, it can be replaced by any other language.

The Company has the right to make any changes, updates, and additions to this Agreement upon the expiration of agreements without the consent of the Client. Any kind of changes in the present Agreement becomes valid and recognized by the parties at once from the moment of their publication on the Company's site.

The original Agreement is published in English.

If there are any inaccuracies or translation errors in the original or translation, the English version shall prevail. If a Customer has any questions or claims related to the settlement of the Agreement, it is worth contacting [email protected].

The time for consideration of the claim varies from 7 to 10 working days. During this period the Company will examine the application, and analyze the Client's data (history of transactions, telephone records, e-mail correspondence, personal information, and previously provided documentation).

If necessary, the Company has the right to send a notice requesting additional information or documents to review the Customer's complaint.

According to this Agreement, the Company has the right to charge commission for trading on the personal accounts of the Client, including inactive accounts, where there are no transactions, low activity, or there is a minimum balance on the trading account at the time of the agreements between the Company and the Client.

Conditions on the minimum amount for permanent management are set only by the Company. In case of invalidity of the payment, the Client will be notified about it.

The Company reserves the right to fully or partially limit/close the current positions of the Client, or restrict access to the trading account in case of termination of this Agreement.